Dog eat dog, read the news. Someone win, someone lose: The United States Government Shutdown

The United States government has effectively “shut down”, and the media is in a frenzy over the biggest political story of the fall. With the biggest political story of the fall comes every major and minor news market trying to report on new developments or put new spins on the story being unfolded for the American pubic as well as the world to see.

One headline that I found constantly, but still felt the need to read were pieces on how the government shutdown affects the normal, everyday citizen. As a journalist, I really like to see articles where they make the reader ponder “Wow, I didn’t think I would be affected by this, but this article proves differently.”

Another headline I’ve seen many times are ones that predict how the rest of the shutdown will play out. This title is the kind of title I’ve noticed journalists, editors and websites will use to draw more readers and clicks to their page. The title is drawing and alluring to the reader, and is an ethical move on the part of a journalist in my journalistic opinion if the title doesn’t make any false claims or doesn’t follow the subject of the article.

            Yet another form of headline I’ve constantly seen is a title that proclaims a “loser” of the shutdown. But it seems every article has a different “loser” from whichever angle the writer takes. The U.S. economy is going to default, it’s the loser when it’s over; Boehner is holding up federal jobs and functions, himself and the Republicans are the losers when this is over; President Obama and the Democrats are not doing enough to put an end to the halt in government action, they will be the losers when this is over.  But until any resolution and reconciliation is made between the two parties, the U.S. government appears to the rest of the world as children fighting with no middle-ground as a viable option; a “My way or the highway” kind of mindset. To the rest of the world, all of us are the losers. Not just the politicians, but the public who have elected officials who may take this country to the brink of calamity unless their demands are met. All of us are the losers.


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