“News”: My response to the Onion article “Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress”

I am a huge fan of The Onion. As someone with a very sarcastic sense of humor, to see a news source tell a “news story” in such a fashion is always entertaining. Although the Onion isn’t considered “real journalism,” the stories are told in such a way to look like they are real and expert journalism.

            The Onion ran an article on October 9th titled “Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress.” This article has come as a response to a recent poll from the Associated Press-GfK after the infamous “government shutdown” earlier this month. I found the topic of the article topical and current with the government shutdown and the running gag in media of Congress’ low approval rating compared to other entities. I also liked the inclusion of quotes from an actual “psychiatrist”.

            Another thing I really like about the article, although it has nothing to do with the story too much, is the picture chosen. The picture, taken by Shawn Thew of the European Pressphoto Agency, of the congressmen and congresswomen leaving the West Wing of the White House after a meeting with looks of defeat (Boehner, first from left) and slight anger/irritation (McConnel and Reid, first from right and second from left respectively.)

            Personally, one thing I would add to this article that I feel is lacking is a quote from one of the supposed “15.5 million Americans who approve of Congress” to know what their mindset is.

            News sites like the Onion build up the strength of journalism as a whole in a way. They bring a spin to “news” so that readers can find out what the best news sites really are online and around the world. 


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