My Fascination with WSCR 670-AM’s Dan Bernstein

         In my short 18 years on Earth following Chicago sports, there’s only one media personality/journalist I can think of who has written some of the best and worst articles I’ve seen. Some of his articles, in my opinion, are completely on par and bring an exemplary point on a figure/team/issue in sports. On the contrary side of the coin, I’ve found some of his articles teeming with biased, bull-like stubborn opinion and un-justifiable opinion laced and paraded as fact. He is WSCR 670-AM radio anchor/reporter Dan Bernstein.

            I’ve been listening and reading pieces from Mr. Bernstein for around five years. The way he speaks and writes for 670-AM WSCR The Score in Chicago is very unique in the regard that he often uses a denser vocabulary than other writers on The Score’s staff while writing articles. Another aspect of Bernstein’s that I respect and admire is his ability to condone and fire back against asinine opinions of callers into his show.

What I believe soils reputation as an effective journalist, as well as a tactic I would try extensively to avoid as a journalist when writing about news, is adding a trace of biased opinion. Bernstein has been following and reporting on the Penn State football scandal since it’s mainstream attention began in November 2011. However, many of his articles include attacking the university and fans of the former who had nothing to do with the scandal itself. I have no problem with doing numerous stories on a subject, as well as doing commentaries on those stories with traces of opinion. Adding on to the last point, Bernstein’s logic sometimes becomes fact-less: “Wheat Chex will make you sad. I have no scientific evidence for that, but Wheat Chex will make you sad.”

            Regardless of how I would or would not emulate myself after him. Dan Bernstein is a journalist/radio personality I hope to listen to for many years to come. I can look to him and his partner Terry Boers for insightful sports information, as well as above average radio humor.


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