Thoughts on my “Vox Asks Columbians” assignment

Last weekend, I had the task of completing Vox’s weekly “Vox Asks Columbians” segment for the Sept. 17 issue with a fellow reporter. Overall, it was kind of fun walking around Columbia and asking people about their thoughts on our question: “What television show or shows are you most excited for this fall?” Sure, at times when we were struggling to find enough responses, it seemed like I kept asking myself “Will ANYBODY talk to us?” But it was an interesting experience, nonetheless.

One thing that kept happening which I thought was pretty funny a common response we got from Columbia’s citizens. When we first started out and collecting responses, I hypothesized that a common response we would get a lot would be a straight-up decline to talk (which did occur a lot, don’t get me wrong). But a response I remember getting numerous times was something to the effect of “Oh…I really don’t watch television all that much.” In this day-and-age of smart phones and subscription services like Netflix and Hulu, it’s interesting to see this decrease in the general public up close and personal.


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